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Episode 277: How To Plan For Your Permanent Vacation: Retirement

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Meet Darlene

Darlene Finzer, CPA, CSA, QKA, is a principal at Rea & Associates and the director of later life planning services. In this role, she specializes in Social Security strategy and situational maximization, Medicare tax minimization analysis, legacy family planning, and retirement readiness. A hardworking, easy-going quiet professional who enjoys personal space and time, Darlene began her career in accounting in 1989 and serves clients from the firm's New Philadelphia office. Fun Fact: According to Richard Simmons (yes, THAT Richard Simmons), Darlene has a kind soul. Learn more about Darlene. 

Darlene Finzer | Later Life Planning | Ohio Accounting Podcast

Start Saving For Retirement Now – Not Later

People tend to spend more time thinking about and planning their next family vacation than they do thinking about and planning for retirement. As a result, they are ill-equipped to make that inevitable leap into their Golden Years when the time finally does come. 

Darlene Finzer, a later life planning expert at Rea & Associates, is here to discuss what later life planning is, why it’s important, and how a professional in this field can help you plan – and experience – the retirement of your dreams.

What You’ll Hear

  • What the Later Life Planning Services are
  • Why Later Life Planning is important
  • Why to work with a professional

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Doug Interviews Darlene | Later Life Planning | Ohio Retirement Podcast

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