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Episode 273: Busy Season Just Got Busier: Tax Updates, Deadlines, & Biden’s Plan

Chris Axene Talks Tax Updates | unsuitable | Ohio Business Podcast | Ohio CPA Firm

Meet Christopher

A principal on Rea's federal tax team, Christopher oversees the federal tax planning practice for the firm, which includes complex tax transaction planning and review, choice of entity planning, IRS audit representation, and tax due diligence for M&A transactions. He is also responsible for overseeing Rea & Associates' tax practice quality control program. Click here to learn more about Christopher. 

Christopher Axene | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio CPA Firm | Ohio Business Podcast

What To Look Forward To In The World Of Tax Updates

The 2021 busy season just got busier for tax professionals. Working through the results of the recent election, new tax provisions resulting from an ongoing pandemic, additional tax updates, deadlines, and more, business owners will have to be prepared to look at things a little differently in the year ahead. Now that Joe Biden is in the Whitehouse, what will the future look like in the area of tax planning and how can business owners plan for success?

Christopher Axene, a principal on Rea’s federal tax team, explains what accountants and tax pros are working through today, what businesses can expect going forward, and how to plan for these changes.

What You’ll Hear

  • The major updates made to tax provisions that impact 2021
  • What to look out for with Biden’s plan
  • The deadlines this year and advice for the busy season

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Doug Houser Interviews Chris Axene | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio CPA Firm

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