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Episode 257: Riding The Rollercoaster To Retirement

Kim Veal Talks About The Rollercoaster To Retirement | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio Business Podcast

Meet Kim

Kim Veal, CPA, is a "jack-of-all-auditing-trades," she does everything from preparing planning documentation to drafting various audit-related letters and reports; from selecting items for testing and completing the tests; and from supervising other audit staff to having great discussions with clients. In other words ... she knows what she's doing.

Kim Veal Talks Retirement Plan Audits | Ohio CPA Firm

Do You Have The Stomach For Retirement?

Retirement comes with many ups and downs, but knowing your retirement options and getting the proper assistance can help the ride go smoother. Fortunately for you, our listeners, Kim Veal is here to be your guide. On this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, you will learn what to expect on your retirement planning journey. You’ll gain insight into what hazards you should be aware of along the way toward full-blown retirement. And you’ll find out where you can seek out additional help and resources.

So, ask yourself, do you have the stomach (and the nest egg) for retirement? Hopefully, after listening to this episode, you will gain the confidence you need to move forward without fear. Or, you will gain a greater understanding of what you need to be doing now to achieve your ultimate retirement goals and aspirations.

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What You’ll Learn About Retirement Planning

During this 20-minute episode of Rea & Associate’s award-winning business podcast, you will gain answers to several key questions. You will also walk away with insight into where you can find additional resources to help you find retirement success. Specifically, you will learn:

  • What retirement plan participants should know about their retirement plan and how to create a better savings strategy.
  • How to seek out retirement planning help and where to find it.
  • What to expect when you’re expecting to cross the threshold into retirement.

Learn More, Save More, Enjoy More

Looking for more resources that will help make you more safe and secure during the retirement phase of your life? Check out the following resources for additional insight from the region’s most sought-after authorities on the topic of retirement planning.

Of course, if you have additional questions regarding retirement planning or providing additional retirement plan solutions to your benefits, our team of professionals is always here to help. Contact us today for more information and insight.

Doug Houser Interviews Kim Veal | unsuitable on Rea Radio | Ohio CPA Firm

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