Episode 239: Tax Planning For Business Owners

COVID-19 Tax Strategy | Cindy Kula | Ohio Business Podcast

Meet Cindy

Cindy Kula, CPA/PFS, CFP, is a senior manager in the firm's Cleveland office where she is frequently consulted for her insight and expertise pertaining to tax-related pass-through entities with a focus on partnerships, real estate, dental practices, and financial planning. Cindy has worked extensively with the firm's younger professionals to ensure that they have the tools necessary to meet the diverse needs of the client.

Cindy Kula on unsuitable on Rea Radio | Podcast Interview | Ohio Business Podcast

Coronavirus Crisis Gives Way To Long-Term Tax Strategy

These days, there are challenges at every turn. But that means there are opportunities abound, too. Today we’re going to talk about turning lemons into lemonade… at least, from a tax planning perspective. It’s no longer business as usual.

Things are constantly changing, especially with the CARES Act and other legislation related to coronavirus. And, at the same time, businesses are strapped for cash. But none of these challenges should get in the way of tax planning for your business. In fact, tax planning is now more important than ever.

Cindy Kula joins the show to share how COVID-19 may impact your tax liability, break down some of the new legislation to come out of this situation, and teach you how to minimize your tax liability.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • What economic challenges most businesses will face in the latter half of 2020
  • What you need to know about the Tax Act and CARES Act during the coronavirus economy
  • The key to minimizing your tax burden and maximizing your Qualified Business Income Deduction

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