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Episode 219: Revealing The Psychology Of Persuasion

Psychology of Persuasion | Brian Ahearn | Ohio Business Podcast

Brian Ahearn, CMCT®, is the chief influence officer at Influence PEOPLE, LLC. An author, international trainer, coach and consultant, he’s one of only 20 people in the world personally trained by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., the most cited living social psychologist on the planet on the science of ethical influence and persuasion.

Brian’s book, Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical, was a top 10 selling Amazon book in several insurance categories and top 50 in sales & selling. His LinkedIn Learning courses on incorporating persuasion into sales and coaching have been viewed by 90,000 people around the world!

Brian Ahearn | Influence People | unsuitable Podcast Interview

Businesses need people to survive and thrive. Without the individuals who help you create your products, provide your services, and patronize your establishment, your entire enterprise falls apart — but, unfortunately, people can also be your biggest challenge.

So we sit down with Brian Ahearn, who specializes in applying the science of influence and persuasion in everyday situations and is one of only 20 people in the world who currently holds the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer designation. His newest book is Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities To Persuade That Are Lasting And Ethical, which quickly rose to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list in multiple categories.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • The difference between persuasion and manipulation.
  • The best way to build strong, lasting relationships.
  • The power of good questions.

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