episode 167 – student loan debt elimination – a new employee benefit?

Rea’s retirement planning pro, Kim Veal, joins Dave to discuss student loan debt elimination and how it may change the retirement planning industry!

Disruption is hitting us from all sides these days: a glut of new technologies, evolving client expectations, and young employees that think and behave differently. In this episode of unsuitable, Kim Veal, CPA, a supervisor on Rea’s retirement plan audit team, is going to tell us how disruption’s newest target might just be the retirement planning industry.

A New Employee Benefit (& Your New Competitive Advantage)

One of the biggest struggles facing employees today is student loan debt, but one employer has come up with a new solution to tackle this struggle: a student loan repayment program attached to their 401(k). Not only is this helping solve one of the biggest problems for the growing Millennial and Gen-Z workforce, it’s also addressing the perennial issue of recruiting and retaining top talent.

If you are a business owner, you will be interested in these other topics discussed in this episode:

  • What this option could mean for you, as an employer, if you want to jump on the bandwagon.
  • How you can start implementing a similar plan in your organization – or even for your clients.
  • How this new type of plan might affect an audit.

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