episode 16: outsourcing: quite possibly your most powerful resource – Rea CPA

episode 16: outsourcing: quite possibly your most powerful resource

Heather McNichols - Ohio CPA Firm
Rea’s director of accounting service, Heather McNichols, joins Mark Van Benschoten on episode 16 of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about why business owners might choose to outsource accounting services.

On episode 16, “outsourcing: quite possibly your most powerful resource,” Heather McNichols, director of accounting services discusses how outsourcing can be an affordable, sensible long-term or short-term solution for businesses and organizations. A true educator, Heather identifies the various accounting services that are most often outsourced – from receivables and payables, to payroll and high level closing entry services – she talks about why outsourcing works and what businesses should expect from the outsourcing process. This episode is valuable for those considering outsourcing or who are looking for a cost effective accounting solution. Heather talks about the benefits of outsourcing, including realizing improved client satisfaction, decreasing employee turnover, lowering costs associated with on-boarding and improving your business’s productivity and access to technology and assistance. Listen to episode 16 of unsuitable on Rea Radio now.


Getting Back To Business: How Outsourcing May Provide Relief To Your Business – Maybe you think your business is just too small to hire an accountant or bookkeeper or that you’re saving money by doing these jobs yourself. Perhaps you just aren’t aware of what options are available to you and your business. When you consider that the most effective solution is the one that effectively addresses your unique needs and budget, it should be no surprise that an outside accounting firm may be the answer you’ve been looking for. | Read on

Clutter, Kids and Service Organizations: Take Nothing For Granted In Business – Even though service organizations can be great resources that should be used and trusted; remember to focus on the fact that you ultimately have sole ownership over the information in their possession, which means it’s your responsibility to provide the organization with the oversight needed to make sure that they are performing up to your standards. | Read on

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Unlock Your Business’s Potential With QuickBooks – As a small business owner you probably like what you do and are good at it. Bookkeeping is most likely not your favorite thing to do. You may see it as a necessary evil and put record keeping off as long as possible, perhaps even until year end when it’s time prepare your tax return! Unfortunately that is no way to run a successful business. | Read on

Accounting for the Accountants – All business owners are concerned about the quality of their products and services. Without quality, your revenue decreases and your reputation suffers. As business owners ourselves, we take the quality of Rea’s services seriously. In an effort to live up to our own expectations, we turn our efforts inward and audit ourselves. | Read on

Your Accounting Department – Do you put your accounting department on a pedestal? If you answered no, there may be things both you and your accounting staff could be doing to create financial information that helps you better guide your construction business. | Read on

Reinventing Your Company – Have you caught yourself taking on added responsibility recently? It’s important to do what you have to do for your business, but you should watch how you spend your time. If you are too involved with the details, you won’t be available for key strategic thinking. Evaluate workloads and figure out how to get things off your plate, even if that means adding to your staff. Don’t forget that outsourcing is an option. | Read on

Avoid Payroll Headaches – Aside from daily responsibilities – operating a business and staying on top of the game – payroll is a daunting task that all too often causes problems for business owners. | Read on

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