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personal finance

understanding your finances

Managing your personal finances can be difficult and oftentimes young professionals are overwhelmed by their responsibility to balance student loans, credit card debt and retirement savings … among other expenses. This series of videos will take you through the importance of maintaining your personal finances and how doing so can help you eliminate your college debt faster, manage credit card debt, establish an emergency fund and save for retirement. Sometimes, just the thought of putting away a portion of your paycheck into a savings account can be intimidating – even though you know it’s the right thing to do. These videos make your responsibility to save less scary.

health insurance

focusing on your healthcare

It’s no secret. These days, the topic of health insurance is a pretty big deal – not to mention complicated. And chances are, even if you do read your health insurance policy cover-to-cover, you’re probably going to have one or two questions (or quite a few more). That’s why our employee benefits coordinator breaks it down during this mini video series. Not only will you learn more about your health benefits, you will learn get answers to frequently asked questions, including who is eligible, when is open enrollment, what out-of-pocket expenses can you expect, what does the prescription plan look like and how does the flex spending plan compliment the firm’s primary coverage.

employee benefits

benefits that will make you smile

In addition to offering employees a comprehensive health insurance policy, prescription plan and a flexible spending plan, employees at Rea are eligible for a number of other great benefits. This series of videos highlights some of the firm’s additional perks and details when you should take advantage of dental and vision insurance, life insurance, long-term disability and paid time off (PTO). We are proud to be a regional accounting firm that can offer so many great health and wellness options for our team members and our comprehensive employee benefits package speaks to this fact. Additionally, we are pleased to be able to offer younger employees with the benefits and educational guidance to point them in the right direction. Watch this video series to gain an even more in depth company benefits summary and why these programs are excellent solutions for new employees and tenured staff alike.
community service counts

bonus benefit

community service counts

At Rea & Associates, commitment to community service is more than just a talking point or a company mantra, it’s a way of life. Members of the Rea team are dedicated to the nonprofit organizations they serve and work hard to make their communities better places to live, work, learn and play. That’s why the firm will make it easy for you to volunteer your time and services. In addition to providing our team with paid time off that can be used to work a special event, commit time helping elementary students during school hours or taking up a community initiative, offices throughout the firm participate in community service days. The firm also boasts its own not-for-profit foundation, The Rea Foundation, to further support excellent causes across Ohio. Watch this video to learn more about company community involvement efforts.

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Jumping into the workforce directly out of college can be daunting and you probably have a ton of questions. Happily, the personal finance experts at Rea & Associates have provided you with answers to some of the most common questions young professionals ask when embarking on their careers. Watch the video series now on this page, or on the firm’s YouTube channel.
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