Lauren Holt

Mentor, OH
Resident of Painesville, OH
Rea Team Member Since 2014
  • At Rea, Lauren is primarily responsible for tax preparation and providing accounting services.

Topics or areas of expertise that Lauren can talk about (even in her sleep):

  • Individual income taxes
  • Corporate income taxes
  • Tax planning
  • Ohio Business Income deduction

How we know she knows what she's doing:

  • Prior to joining Rea in 2014, she worked as an intern for the firm.
  • Lauren earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from Heidelberg University where she graduated magna cum laude.

Furthering her professional development, Lauren is involved with:

  • F.U.E.L. (Future Emerging Leaders of Lake County)

When she's not in the office, you can find her:

  • Reading
  • Watching movies
  • Spending time with her husband, friends and family

Inside The Mind Of...

  • What does "A Brighter Way" mean to you? A smarter, more efficient and all around better way of doing business.
  • Why do you choose to work at Rea? I had a great experience during my internship and was excited to be able to join the team full-time after graduation.
  • What's your favorite aspect of your job? I think the people at Rea really set this company apart from all the others.
  • What was your most memorable moment at Rea? My last day of my tax internship at the Medina office. It was a relief to have made it through and our team had a good time celebrating.

Just For Fun:

  • What did 10-year-old you want to be when you grew up? An astronomer.
  • What profession would you choose if you didn't go into accounting? Journalism.
  • What was your first job? Lifeguard.
Dedicated, hard-working and trying to learn something new every day.