Katie Brown | Rea CPA
Oct 10, 2018

Tax-Exempt Determination Letters, Financial Data Now Available Online

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has recently improved one of their nonprofit web pages in a way that may save you time and money.
Apr 11, 2018

Getting To Know The ‘Business End’ Of Charitable Donations

Nonprofits can do even more to support their donors throughout the year.
Nov 2, 2017

Receive Full Credit For Your Form 990 Answers

When it comes to your Form 990, unless you completely understand what is being asked and why, you may be providing answers that while accurate, are not necessarily correct. Read on to learn more.
Aug 9, 2017

Build Up Your Organization’s Resistance To Fraud

No organization is immune to fraud. But there are steps you can take to build your organization's resistance to it. Be sure to check out these tips on implementing internal controls in your business.
Aug 10, 2016

Your Nonprofit Isn’t Exempt From Filing This Form

What do an uncashed check, a refund and a customer over-payment have in common? If not paid to the rightful owner by a specific time, they may become unclaimed funds, and payable to the State of Ohio.
Nov 11, 2015

Let’s Play Doctor With Your 990

Have you ever been asked to review a draft of your Form 990 only to wonder what it is you should be looking for? You’re not alone. Think of this review like an annual physical. Let’s imagine that you’re the doctor, your organization is the patient and your 990 is the medical chart. It’s your … Continued