David Shallenberger | Rea CPA
Jun 13, 2016

episode 36 – oil & gas: the economic fuel that powers every business

When it comes to the volatility of the oil and gas industry and its impact on our daily lives, we tend to have more than a few questions. This week’s guest is fluent on the topic and will provide listeners with expert answers and insight. David Shallenberger, CPA, principal at Rea & Associates, joins Mark … Continued

Engineer Your Own Success With Four Pillarsid

As companies continue to seek out opportunities in the Marcellus and Utica shale region, some landowners aren’t always fully aware of the opportunities they have at their disposal. Read on to learn about the Four Pillars Strategy that's helping landowners realize their full earning potential.

Take It To The Bank

If you’re a landowner who’s personally (and financially) benefitting from the oil & gas boom, you know that pipeline easement payments aren’t exactly chump change – and with big money comes big tax consequences. If you have a potential pipeline easement deal, don’t sign on the dotted line before you consider all the ways you … Continued

Doing Business with the Big Boys

Ohio is booming with oil & gas activity. Are you trying to cash in on the opportunity? If so, there are a few things you need to know. You see, gaining the trust of the large out-of-state oil & gas producers isn’t easy. Not only does your business have to be in tip-top shape, but … Continued

What to Do If You Strike Oil or Gas

Landowners across Ohio have been coming to us with what we can only describe as a “good problem to have.” Oil or natural gas has been found below their properties and companies are interested in buying or leasing their mineral rights. Suddenly these private, keep-to-themselves landowners have substantial offers on their doorsteps and they don’t … Continued