How To Improve And Reenergize Your Accounting Department

A high-function accounting department is one of the cornerstones of any successful business. Accountants help make sure that the company is profitable while ensuring that the company meets all financial regulations. This can be a very tall order, to be sure. The good news is that help is available. Where do you find help? Start … Continued

The Rea Report Summer 2017

Business owners continue to be overwhelmed by hurdles – with each obstacle more difficult than the last. Perhaps the most frustrating challenge entrepreneurs are faced with, however, is change. From the constant uncertainty with regard to tax legislation to cybersecurity concerns that appear to grow more urgent by the day, this is certainly a difficult … Continued

Plan For A Crisis To Minimize The Fallout

If it impacts the safety or security of your customers or employees, it’s a crisis. Some are just bigger than others. Find out why planning for a crisis now can save you a lot of headache later on.

Ways To Measure Business Success

Many of the most successful business owners are great with numbers. They pride themselves on their ability to crunch the numbers and assess whether a business as a whole, or a particular aspect of a business, is operating effectively. There is a reason that so many successful business people are great with numbers; it is … Continued

Plain & Simple: Bright Business Insights | Fall 2016

In the last edition of Plain & Simple, we asked readers if they would like to join us for a CEO peer group. Due to the overwhelming response, in this edition, we decided to move forward with the program. The peer group, along with this publication, are great tools to help you unlock your company’s … Continued

episode 45 – don’t automate bad

In its simplest form, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps organizations automate their existing business development, sales and marketing processes. And on episode 45: “don’t automate bad” of unsuitable on Rea Radio, Brian Harr, president of Three30 Group, explains the benefits of CRM and how this tool can help facilitate strong business relationships while multiplying … Continued

Plain & Simple: Bright Business Insights | Summer 2016

The business down the road, or in the next town over, probably has a few things they’ve found over the years that work well for them. And I’m sure you’ve found the same for your company. Why not share your best practices with each other? We live in a sharing society and one of the … Continued

Tell Me How You REALLY Feel About Marketing …

Are you looking for ways to expand your business’s reach, establish stronger relationship with clients and ultimately generate increased revenue? Then you may want to reconsider where marketing ranks in your company’s growth strategy. Read on to learn more.

episode 27: why marketing matters more (even when you don’t do it)

This week on unsuitable on Rea Radio, Mark is joined by Becca Davis, Rea’s director of practice growth to find out what exactly the firm’s marketing team does every day and why it matters to the business’s bottom line. From managing the firm’s brand, instituting company-wide communication, coaching emerging thought leaders and helping establish fearless … Continued

Plain & Simple: Bright Business Insights | Spring 2016

Running the day-to-day operations of your business can be daunting and time-consuming, leaving you little time to focus on the present and future growth of your business. We believe it’s important for business owners to know where their business’s strengths and opportunities are. Are you too busy working in your business and just don’t know … Continued