GASB 68: The Good Times Keep On Rolling

If you haven’t already had enough fun working through the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Summary of Statement No. 68 and net pension liabilities then you’re in luck. And yes … you did detect hints of sarcasm.

Take Control with These Time Management Tips

We all know how easy it is to get caught in a productivity trap – constantly rushing around only to have nothing to show despite your hard work. Read on for four tips to help you get more from your day.

Preparation Is Key When It Comes To An Audit

Do you find the audit process to be a downright burden? If so, you’re not alone!  Audits are rarely pleasant; however, much like life, an audit is what we make of it. If you’re perpetually burdened by the audit, you may be contributing to the problem without realizing it. Businesses and entities often find themselves … Continued

How Can Centralized Receiving Improve Your Internal Controls?

Do you have department heads, principals or administrators with the ability to request, receive and approve payments for a good or service? Do you have secretaries, principals, department heads or administrators that are resistant to follow procedures or forget to return the packing slip or receiving copy of the purchase order? If you answered yes … Continued

Take Control of Your Vendor Master in Nine Steps

Managing a vendor file can seem like a thankless housekeeping task – like the office equivalent of cleaning your gutters. It takes time, and the benefits may be hard to see. However, like washing your dishes regularly, managing your vendor file is important because of the potentially disastrous consequences of not doing so. What’s the worst … Continued

Is Your Office Designed for Productivity?

Do you feel uncomfortable or disorganized when you are sitting at your desk? Does a normal day in the office leave you with a headache, eye strain or neck discomfort? It’s possible your office design is attributing to your increased stress levels. A few simple tricks may improve your productivity while reducing your stress. Monitor … Continued