Accounting Tips For Mentor Residents

Mentor, OH is a dynamic town that happens to be very friendly to the business community. In fact, many businesses have opened here in Mentor – or relocated to the area – in recent years. What’s more, these businesses have

Your Guide To Accounting Services In Zanesville

For a small town, Zanesville packs a lot of punch, business-wise.  There are many dynamic and rapidly-growing businesses in the Zanesville area, and that number continues to climb. All of this business has created a need for quality accounting services,

The Role Of A Business Consultant

It seems like business consultants are popping up all over the place these days, and can be found in just about any community. The term “business consultant” can seem rather vague. It might leave you wondering, “What sorts of consultations

Tips On Having A Valuation Performed For Your Business

If you are unsure of what a business valuation is, this article will fully explain the process. Essentially, a business valuation is when a business is thoroughly analyzed, in order to determine its real worth and potential for growth.  There

Helpful Tips For Preventing Fraud In The Workplace

Fraud is a major problem for American workplaces, affecting businesses both large and small. Not only that, fraud affects everyone in the company, from the business owner or CEO on down to the hourly employees. Fraud can reduce profits, delay

Tips On Preparing For Your Retirement

Many people have a dream of retiring to some sunny beach town and riding around in a golf cart. The real question is, “How does this dream become a reality?” In order to be able to lay back and bask

What A CPA Can Do For Your Business

It doesn’t really matter what size your business is, certified public accountants have a knack for working wonders for businesses large and small. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some business owners to refer to them as “miracle workers,” because

How To Get A Grip On Your Personal Finances

Are your personal finances getting out of control? Perhaps it seems like your debts are almost as large as your income, and each paycheck is gone almost as soon as you get it. Unfortunately, this is the case for millions

Tips For Growing Your Business In Central Ohio

Central Ohio is a great place for doing business: it’s a growing area with a low tax rate, low cost of living and is chock-full of innovative business ideas. For this reason, many national (and international) corporations have decided to

Follow These Tips To Properly Prepare For Tax Time

For most people (especially business owners) tax time is certainly not the most wonderful time of the year. While many people dread April 15, with the proper planning and resources, tax time does not have to be that bad. The