A Global Reach

June 2015 MSNA

Rapidly changing markets. Complex business transactions. Expanding global commerce. These are just some of the issues business owners have to face. But, you don’t have to navigate through this maze of challenges alone. Rea & Associates can help.

In this global marketplace, you must find ways to remain competitive, innovative and profitable. At the same time, complying with all the regulations, laws and policies takes tremendous effort. No individual firm, regardless of its size, will have all the answers to worldwide financial and business issues. That’s why Rea is an independent firm associated with the North American region of Moore Stephens, the 10th largest international firm association in the world.

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Become A Bank Reconciliation Warrior

Balanced books are the cornerstone of your entity’s financial wellness. When you take a proactive and assertive stance , you empower yourself and your organization to uncover and resolve errors and irregularities while deterring and preventing fraud.

Does Your Vacation Home Provide Tax Relief?

Clients often want to learn more about the tax opportunities available to those who purchase second homes and whether there are any tax planning strategies to consider. Read on to find out what we tell them.

Dear Drebit (Blog)

Like Losing Your Wallet – Only Worse

For most of us, misplacing our keys, losing sight of our shoes and occasionally forgetting to pay the phone bill on time is not a catastrophic phenomenon. It happens; and most likely we will freak out for a minute, find what we were looking for[...]

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How to make your building work for you with a cost segregation study

Have you recently purchased commercial real estate or invested in construction? If so, you might want to look into getting a cost segregation study. The benefits of a study can mean tax savings and improved cash flow. Smart Business recently sat down with me to discuss the benefits[...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 3 College Savings Account Strategies

Whether our children are just now entering kindergarten, are gearing up to graduate high school or are embarking on their sophomore year of college, this is the time of year when we are often reminded about the growing cost of a college education. Don’t be[...]

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