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Rea & Associates, Inc., accountants and business consultants, is an Ohio public accounting firm with more than 200 dedicated professionals who provide clients with a complete range of accounting services and professional business counsel. Rea has an extensive history that dates back to 1938. Much of its success stems from the firm’s values, which are outlined in The Rea Way.

Top 100 CPA Firm

The firm’s specialists are respected by individuals and corporations throughout Ohio and the United States. In fact, Accounting Today  lists Rea as a top 100 firm in the nation, based on a compilation of data. To learn more about our bright team, check out our Ohio accounting firm employee section of the site.

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Breaking The Tax Bracket Myth

Oftentimes, people worry that if they make “too much” money, their entire income will be taxed at a higher rate – a worry that has kept countless hard-working taxpayers up at night. But are these concerns valid?

What Local Governments Should Know Before Signing An Oil & Gas Lease

In recent years, the oil & gas industry has infused a great deal of money into many local municipalities. And while local leaders may be thrilled to have extra dollars on hand (or the promise of future revenue) to move forward

Dear Drebit (Blog)

Don’t Shy Away From Business Debt

You know the satisfaction you feel when all of your debts have been settled and any extra cash flowing into your bank account is purely disposable income. Neither do I. But, contrary to popular belief, if you are a business owner, carrying a little extra[...]

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Study: Nonprofit Organizations Lack Governance Structure, Processes

. How Strong Are Your Organization’s Policies? If you had to guess, how strong do you think your nonprofit organization’s policies are? If you’re unsure or have that gut feeling they’re not strong, you’re certainly not alone. After surveying more than 900 directors of nonprofit[...]

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Investing In Your Business’s Immortality

Go ahead. Take pride in all that you’ve accomplished. Relive the moment you decided to go into business and reflect on your trials and triumphs. And as you reminisce, identify everyone who helped you achieve your vision – because chances are you didn’t get where[...]

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