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Rea & Associates, Inc., accountants and business consultants, is an Ohio public accounting firm with more than 200 dedicated professionals who provide clients with a complete range of accounting services and professional business counsel. Rea has an extensive history that dates back to 1938. Much of its success stems from the firm’s values, which are outlined in The Rea Way.

Top 100 CPA Firm

The firm’s specialists are respected by individuals and corporations throughout Ohio and the United States. In fact, Accounting Today lists Rea as a top 100 firm in the nation, based on a compilation of data. To learn more about our bright team, check out our Ohio accounting firm employee section of the site.

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What Local Governments Should Know Before Signing An Oil & Gas Lease

In recent years, the oil & gas industry has infused a great deal of money into many local municipalities. And while local leaders may be thrilled to have extra dollars on hand (or the promise of future revenue) to move forward

Don’t Let Your District Lose Medicare Dollars

It’s no secret that schools across the nation depend on government funding to provide quality education and services to all students within their districts, and government programs are in place to help soften the financial burden. In our state, the

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Cash Continues To Flow From Ohio’s Shale Industry

For many of us, the future of Ohio’s shale industry has become a regular topic of conversation. And as a landowner in the state’s Marcellus and Utica shale regions, you’ve probably wondered what (if any) effect current events, such as the state budget and plunging[...]

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Last Chance To Claim Valuable Retroactive Tax Credit

It was a cold evening last December when Congress finally voted in favor of extending more than 50 tax provisions considered critical by several businesses and individuals. The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 provided assurance that certain incentives would remain intact and that certain[...]

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Retirement Roulette

It’s difficult to paint a picture that adequately portrays the retirement readiness of the American people. How prepared the average person is for this phase of their life greatly depends on which report you are reading today. As a whole, however, credible sources indicate that[...]

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