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June 2015 MSNA

Rapidly changing markets. Complex business transactions. Expanding global commerce. These are just some of the issues business owners have to face. But, you don’t have to navigate through this maze of challenges alone. Rea & Associates can help.

In this global marketplace, you must find ways to remain competitive, innovative and profitable. At the same time, complying with all the regulations, laws and policies takes tremendous effort. No individual firm, regardless of its size, will have all the answers to worldwide financial and business issues. That’s why Rea is an independent firm associated with the North American region of Moore Stephens, the 10th largest international firm association in the world.

Latest Articles

The Cost Of Reimbursing Employees For Health Care

Reimbursement arrangements that cover two or more active employees are considered to be “group health plans” and therefore must satisfy the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) applicable group market reforms — and noncompliance can be very, very expensive. Read on to learn more.

[VIDEO] How Your Plan Design Can Help Improve Your Retirement Plan Participation

The way your company’s retirement plan is designed is important and can be a huge motivator for your employees. Watch the video to learn how to get your employees exciting about saving for retirement.

Dear Drebit (Blog)

Who Is That Email Really From?

Red Flags To Be Aware Of When Opening Your Email We hear it a lot and often – be careful when clicking on the links in your email (especially if you do not know the sender.) But what if the email is from someone you[...]

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Don’t Like Your Retirement Plan Design?

Time’s Running Out to Establish, Alter Your Plan Your SIMPLE IRA or Safe Harbor 401(k) plan isn’t going to establish or change itself and if you want yours to be effective in 2015, you need to know that an Oct. 1 deadline is looming –[...]

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Businesses Beware: Sloppy Data Security Could Cost You

As if you didn’t have enough keeping you up at night, the topic of data security continues to send collective shivers up the spines of business owners worldwide. Unfortunately, the Aug. 24, ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit didn’t[...]

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