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This week on unsuitable on Rea Radio we learn why business leaders should approach recruitment and staff development from a whole new perspective to harness and optimize their company’s most valuable asset – people. On episode 30, Don’t Just Make A Hire, Build Leaders For A Lifetime, Annie Yoder and Don McIntosh talk about why adopting a leadership development strategy is important to your business’s overall success and sustainability. As leaders of The Rea Academy, Annie and Don speak about the importance of a structured training and development program for proper leadership cultivation from first-hand experience. | Listen Now

“Unsuitable” is the unique financial services and business advisory podcast that challenges your old-school business practices and the traditional business suit culture. You’ll hear from industry professionals who think beyond the suit and tie to offer meaningful, modern solutions to help you enhance your company’s growth. Join host Mark Van Benschoten to learn how to make your business the best it can be.

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