Why Intern at Rea – Rea CPA

More Than Basic Accounting And Bookkeeping

How can you break into the accounting industry, when top CPA firms are seeking highly qualified and experienced candidates? By gaining real-world experience through accounting internships. And while interning at a Big Four firm or within a specific industry has its benefits, you might be surprised at what an internship at Rea & Associates can offer.

Benefits Of Accounting Internships At Rea

  • Gain industry knowledge you won’t get in the classroom in accounting, tax, and assurance, along with different industries.
  • Identify your professional strengths and weaknesses with access to industry experts who provide mentoring and advanced training.
  • Create a network of valuable professional contacts who are experts in their industry and have a genuine interest in your success.
  • Create a competitive advantage over other candidates to land a full-time position with the flexibility to pursue your graduate degree or CPA.

We want you to succeed and become a leader. When we hire you on as an intern at Rea & Associates we aren’t just investing in your internship, we’re investing in your long-term career. You have the opportunity to see first hand how other interns (like you) have risen through the ranks.

Ultimately, it’s our goal to convert our interns into full-time, valued employees. This is your chance to shine and demonstrate your superior communication skills, adaptability, work ethic, and grit to earn an opportunity to join a Top 100 CPA firm full-time after graduation.

When we begin recruiting for our internships, we will post the job listing here. And you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates and announcements.