Business Registration and Use Tax Accrual Training

Our State & Local Tax team assists our clients’ administrative and internal accounting departments with various business and tax topics. Administrative and accounting departments are responsible for handling a multitude of business-related tasks, such as state and local business registrations, notices from the state, and sales and use tax compliance. We offer the following services to help with the needs of our clients’ administrative and accounting staff:

Secretary of State Business Registration

When your company grows and starts doing business in other states, we can help by getting you registered with all the states in which you operate.

State & Local Tax Account registration

Every state collects some form of taxes from businesses, which may include taxes at the county or city level, too.

Local Business Licensing

Many cities and counties require businesses within their jurisdictional limits to purchase and maintain a business license.

Notices & Letters from the State

We advise our clients and help them respond to penalty or other business and tax-related notices they may have received from a state or local agency.

Use Tax Accrual and Compliance Procedure Manuals

Use tax rules and rates vary from state-to-state and city-to-city. We can help you realize your company’s use tax exposure at each governmental level. Afterwards, we can provide customized training to your accounts payable and tax departments on what, where, when, why, and how use tax should be accrued and paid for current and future compliance.

Contact our Business Tax Professionals

Reach out to Rea’s SALT team if you have questions about your state and local tax obligations or if you would like us to work with your team on any number of these issues.