PlanCompare - ERISA Requirement Help

A new benchmarking service to fulfill your ERISA requirements

ERISA requirements can be easy to understand, but hard to comply with – and plan sponsors are frustrated. Plan fees must be "reasonable" for the services provided. Well....what is considered reasonable?

Now there is a comprehensive and inexpensive way for you to objectively benchmark your plan.

PlanCompare™ helps you:

  • Fulfill your fiduciary responsibility
  • Avoid the proposal process
  • Help your participants save for retirement

You'll also get valuable feedback about your fees and services, as well as support and success measures. You'll discover exactly what fees you are paying, and how successful the plan is in terms of preparing participants for retirement.

Any plan sponsor of a qualified retirement plan can benefit from this service – especially if you don't understand the plan fees your company and plan participants are paying.

Don't delay. If your plan has weaknesses, you'll want to correct them immediately. The sooner you are in compliance, the sooner you'll know your plan is healthy.