Retirement Plan Benchmarking

Peace of Mind With PlanCompare™

Retirement Plan Benchmarking Services | Ohio CPA Firm

Complicated ERISA requirements continue to cause plan sponsors across the nation a fair share of frustration. Fortunately, a solution exists that can effectively reduce your stress level – at least, as it relates to your retirement plan’s ERISA compliance woes.

The Right Tools Can Make You A Better Fiduciary

It’s never been this easy pull a comprehensive snapshot of your retirement plan data and statistics. Rea & Associates’ comprehensive and inexpensive PlanCompare benchmarking service allows you to objectively evaluate your plan and ensure ERISA compliance. This premier service is designed to help you:

  • Fulfill your fiduciary responsibility.
  • Avoid the proposal process.
  • Help your plan participants save more for retirement.

Additionally, with PlanCompare, you’ll receive constructive feedback regarding your plan fees and services, as well as expert support and success measures. Our retirement plan services professionals are available to help you discover what fees you’re currently paying and how successful your plan is at preparing participants for retirement.

Who Does PlanCompare Benefit

Every retirement plan sponsor can benefit from PlanCompare., especially if, as the fiduciary, you don’t completely understand what administrative fees your business and plan participants are paying.

Safety, Stability & Financial Security Starts Here

Don't delay. Address your plan’s weak spots today. The sooner your plan is in compliance with mandatory ERISA regulations, the sooner you can be confident in the functionality of your company’s retirement plan and its ability to drive greater maximum financial security for your plan participants. Contact us today to learn more about PlanCompare and how this plan can protect you, your company and your employees.