Fiduciary Consulting Services

Fiduciary Consulting Services

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Rea’s retirement plan services team is one of Ohio’s top providers of fiduciary consulting services for business retirement plans. In order to help you adhere to your fiduciary responsibilities as a retirement plan sponsor, our team follows a prudent and well-organized process to ensure maximum transparency while minimizing your fiduciary risk.

Build Transparent & Trustworthy Relationships

We work closely with your investment advisors to build an investment policy statement (IPS) that defines specific investment selections and monitoring criteria. Our team will then work with you to create and implement a documented process that demonstrates prudence when making decisions pertaining to your company’s retirement plan. Furthermore, the IPS will enable you to critically evaluate the performance of your investment advisors over time, empowering you to make educated decisions that are intended to set you up for success.

Why Choose Fiduciary Consulting?

Establishing and following a prudent investment process truly is the key to effectively managing your fiduciary responsibilities. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your fiduciary responsibilities while ensuring that your responsibilities under ERISA continue to be met and the best interests of your plan participants remain front and center, fiduciary consulting is the way to go. Our services include:

  • Evaluating your retirement plan’s objectives and the review of its investments.
  • Creating an Investment Policy Statement that clearly defines significant criteria.
  • Delivering unbiased monitoring reports to assist with plan investment decisions.
  • Assisting with target asset allocation and structuring.
  • Selecting investment managers who will align with your plan’s current needs and future goals.
  • Continuous monitoring of your retirement plan strategy and the delivery essential reports.

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Fulfill Your ERISA Requirements

Finding The Right Retirement Plan Service Provider Has Never Been Easier

Hard Decisions | Fiduciary Responsibility | Ohio CPA FirmThe marketplace is filled with an almost intimidating amount of retirement plan service providers – insurance companies, mutual fund companies, third party administrators, record keepers and investment advisers. And, as you can imagine, each provider charges a unique fee. Then, as the size of your retirement plan changes, naturally, so do the fees. Then, making sense of the thresholds and fee changes can get confusing.

It really doesn’t have to be this difficult to find the right retirement plan service provider.

What Does An Easier Service Provider Search Look Like?

If you’ve ever searched for retirement plan service providers on your own, then you already know how confusing, difficult and time consuming the process can be. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Our retirement plan team specializes in helping plan sponsors conduct comprehensive search services. When you work with Rea, you deploy a team of professionals who will assist you throughout every step of the search process. We will help you request proposals from thoroughly evaluated providers and will organize all documents originating from your search efforts to ensure that they are not only easy to understand, but that they are comparable.

The due diligence process will be based on your understanding of the services your retirement plan is receiving and what fees you’ll be paying. Our retirement plan search service experts will then process each prospective service provider and provide a user-friendly analysis that will help streamline your decision-making process.

Let Us Do The Dirty Work

Contact us today to learn more about Rea’s retirement plan provider search service or to start your own search today. Our mission is to make your life easier while giving you the information needed to make the right choices. Let us know how we can help.

Benchmarking Service Helps Fulfill ERISA Requirements

ERISA Requirement | Retirement Plan | Ohio CPA FirmComplicated ERISA requirements continue to cause plan sponsors across the nation a fair share of frustration. Fortunately, a solution exists that can effectively reduce your stress level – at least, as it relates to your retirement plan’s ERISA compliance woes.

Click here to learn more about PlanCompare.

The Buck Stops With You

Fiduciary | Plan Advisor | Ohio CPA FirmAs a retirement plan sponsor, one of your most important responsibilities is to choose the right plan advisor to help you maximize the effectiveness of your business’s retirement plan. Needless to say, this particular decision, because of the potential legal implications and government regulations associated with this type of plan, should be handled with extreme care and attention.

A respectable advisor will understand the investment process and will correctly implement fiduciary standards. They must also have the best interests of your plan participants in mind and be able to manage your liability as a plan sponsor. Here are some other key considerations to keep in mind when choosing your plan advisor, or, for that matter, before making any decision with regard to your plan.

Read on to discover five points plan sponsors must consider when hiring an advisor.

Regular Insight From Industry Experts

Retirement Plan Insights | Newsletter | Ohio CPA FirmOne of the best ways to ensure that you are adhering to your fiduciary responsibility is to stay up-to-date on industry news and regulations. Our retirement plan services team spends a lot of time sorting through the mess of headlines to bring you the news that will impact your role as a plan sponsor and fiduciary.

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Let’s Get To Work!

For more information about our fiduciary consulting services or if you have other retirement plan administration questions, email Rea & Associates to be put into contact with one of our retirement plan specialists.