Fiduciary Assessment Services & Consulting

How well does your plan's decision-making process meet a defined global fiduciary standard of excellence with the goal of improving the plan's long-term performance?
As a plan sponsor, the Department of Labor holds you responsible for:

  • Acting solely in the best interest of plan participants and with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to them
  • Carrying out your duties prudently
  • Following the plan documents
  • Diversifying plan assets
  • Paying only reasonable fees

By following a prudent process, you can be confident that these responsibilities are being met and fiduciary risk is minimized.
And you'll get help creating an investment policy statement (IPS) that defines specific investment selection and monitoring criteria.
You'll get help implementing a documented process that demonstrates prudence when making plan decisions.

Specifically, your Rea team will work with your investment advisers to create an IPS that defines investment selection and monitoring criteria. You'll receive monitoring reports that become the unbiased, documented process for making plan investment decisions in accordance with the monitoring criteria in the IPS – enabling you to critically evaluate the performance of your investment advisers over time.

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