Trust Design

The Missing Tool in Your Financial Plan

Trust taxation laws are difficult to understand. Our team will match your specific trust situation with the right team of tax specialists to help you reach the goals you set for your trust. You’ll work with a team that will help you understand the relevant issues to your specific situation, and help you see which course is best for you.

Whether your goal is wealth preservation, or responsible asset succession to your children or grandchildren, a trust can be the tool that your plan is missing. Trusts can ensure that your loved ones receive the greatest amount of your assets, while paying the least amount of taxes, at the time that you determine is right.

You can continue to protect your family’s wealth now and well into the future. Your trust will be designed according to your goals to help ensure that you meet those goals and maximize your wealth transfer.

Contact our Individual Tax Professionals

Rea’s tax services team brings together a group of experienced financial professionals who understand the tax needs of individuals. For more information on any of our individual tax services, contact our tax professionals or Lesley Mast, CPA, the head of our tax services team.