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Strategic Hiring & Recruiting

Finding And Hiring The Right Employees

Strategic Hiring & Recruiting | Employee Retention | HR ConsultingPerhaps your business is growing faster than you ever imagined. Or maybe you lost a valuable member of your team. You know you need to hire, but you’re a bit overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations of your business.

When you’re desperate to add to your workforce, it’s tempting to just hire anyone who appears remotely qualified, even if their personality might not jive with your company culture. But let’s stop there. Resist the temptation to hire just anyone – because deep down, you know how that will end. You’ll likely find yourself frustrated and back to square one in the hiring process.

Just like onboarding new customers, onboarding new employees costs time, money and resources. You owe it to your company and your other employees to be strategic and thoughtful about who you hire.

Rea’s HR Consulting Services team works with clients to first and foremost understand your hiring and recruiting objectives. From there, we provide clients with strategic hiring and recruiting services including:

Our team’s ultimate goal is to help your company hire smarter – and more strategic – in the current challenging talent shortage environment.

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