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Hiring & Development Assessments

Equip Your Business With Relevant, Useful Employee Data

Employee Assessment | Human Resources Consulting | Ohio HR ServicesThey have a great résumé and glowing recommendations. They appear to be well-qualified for the job they’re applying for. But can you tell if they will fit into your company culture? Will their strengths align with your existing team? And how on earth can you possibly know until you bring them on-board? That’s where hiring and development assessments can be very useful.

Hiring and development assessments can arm you with powerful data about how an individual thinks, operates and work on a team, and whether they would be a good fit for your company. Furthermore, these evaluations can help you and other leaders within your business coach and development current employees.

Rea’s HR Consulting Services team is certified to administer two specific types of assessments on behalf of our clients – the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment™ and the Caliper Profile. Once a current or potential employee completes the assessment, you’ll receive a copy of the results along with an analysis and recommendations – usually within one business day, so you can continue to make hiring and development decisions without missing a beat.

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