episode 18: this is an intervention – the positive psychology of hard conversations

Mike Taylor | Unsuitable | Ohio CPA Firm
Mike Taylor, CPA, an executive principal at Rea & Associates, talks about why it’s actually good for business to have hard conversations on episode 18 of unsuitable on Rea Radio.

On episode 18, this is an intervention: the positive psychology of hard conversations, you’ll learn how to be one part friend, one part accountant and 100 percent business psychologist. Mike Taylor, CPA, an executive principal at Rea & Associates, joins Mark to talk about the benefits of having the hard conversations with business owners. For more than 45 years, Mike has helped clients overcome their challenges and achieve sustainable growth by serving as a trusted advisor who’s not afraid to say what needs to be said. On this episode, Mike shares what he has come to identify as the key attributes of becoming a true trusted advisor and touches on the importance of learning and gaining confidence in the art of speaking honestly – even when it’s hard to do. Start listening now to learn more about why it’s important to form strong relationships with the men and women you trust to advise you throughout your journey as a business owner.


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