The Rea Report | Summer 2021

The Rea Report | Spring/Summer 2021 | Digital Edition | Ohio CPA Firm Newsletter

Rea Report Zeroes In On Lessons Learned Since COVID

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It’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 crisis became a mainstay in our lives. Since then, there have been more than a few lessons learned. In this edition of The Rea Report, we take a closer look at the lessons learned and speak to a handful of business leaders about the challenges they are facing today as a result of the coronavirus. The Rea Report looks at the challenges organizations had to overcome since the coronavirus came to America and how the virus made lasting impacts on the way businesses operate. Some businesses may bounce back from the crisis, others will face long-term hardship. Read on to learn more about a few key individual journeys.

This issue also takes a deep dive into cybersecurity, HR solutions, client opportunity plans, and more.

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What’s Inside:

Rea & Associates’ subject matter experts are committed to providing you with insight, case studies, and resources that will help your organization grow and thrive. Check out the digital version of The Rea Report today to read more about:

  • Cybersecurity: All The Things You Should Know
  • What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You | Rea Dental Client Uncovers Cybersecurity Risks After Risk Assessment
  • HR Solutions For Every Size & Budget | Small Business Corner
  • Preserving The Past … And The Future | Client Spotlight: P. Graham Dunn
  • COVID-19 A Year Later … Lessons Learned | Cover Story
  • Connecting The Dots Through Client Opportunity Plans | Business Of Our Business
  • Upcoming Webinars, Articles, & Other Educational Resources
  • Famous People | Recognizing Our Team Members
  • Regional Spotlight | Southeast Ohio Region

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