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Plain & Simple | Summer 2020

Plain & Simple | Summer 2020 | Newsletter | Ohio CPA Firm

Bright Business Insights

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a lot of uncertainty – but it’s also revealed opportunity. This edition of Plain and Simple, we take a closer look at these opportunities while providing you with insight into the importance of planning ahead for future challenges.

What’s Inside

  • Relief For All Businesses | How To Shore Up Your Business Amid COVID-19
  • PPP Helps Businesses Hurt By COVID-19 | Paycheck Protection Program Loan Overview & Forgiveness Best Practices
  • One Wrong Click Can Spell Danger | Like Your Business, Criminals Have Gone Digital
  • Does Your Employee Handbook Comply With Current Events? | Protect Your Business & Your Employees With Updated Safety Policies
  • How To Recall Your Employees From Unemployment | A Sidebar
  • Local Company Preempts Economic Nexus Liability | Which States Want A Slice Of Your Sales Tax Pie?

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