October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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This October, recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month by shining some light on your business’s current cybersecurity and data protection efforts. Your company’s IT network is home to sensitive data including customer and employee information, and confidential financial documents. Not having adequate cybersecurity leaves you vulnerable to a breach that could risk your business’s profits, reputation, customer relationships, and employee loyalty.

Luckily, Rea & Associates’ cybersecurity and data protection team is equipped to set up small and middle market businesses with a cybersecurity framework that fits their budget. Rea’s cybersecurity and data protection services bring the technical expertise of U.S. Military cybersecurity veterans to build a “Defense in Depth” cybersecurity roadmap that aligns with your company’s business objectives. Click here to learn more about our full-service cybersecurity and data protection solutions.


Ensuring that your IT systems are functional, and your company’s data and systems are safe, secure, and compliant should be one of your business’s top priorities. While many organizations believe the relationships they’ve developed with their managed service provider will keep their systems protected, this is not necessarily the case.

Managed service providers (MSPs) keep the network running, ensure all the computers are in good working order, and make sure all employees can communicate and access information. Managed security service providers (MSSPs), however, lead with a security and risk first approach. While both are important for your business, MSSPs are necessary to help keep your data safe. Only MSSPs can limit access to confidential data based on credentials and help you set up important security measures like two-factor authentication.

Learn more about the difference between MSPs and MSSPs on a recent episode of unsuitable and view our cybersecurity webinar to help you choose the right vendors and third-party service providers to help keep your organization, employees, and clients protected.