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Obamacare Doesn’t Have to be a Dirty Word

Business owners across the country are bracing for the impact of health care reform. Starting in 2014, many businesses will need to provide health insurance or face hefty fines. With the high cost of providing insurance and high fines for not doing so, health care reform can seem like danger at every turn.

Do you know how much health care reform will cost your business? Where do you start? With complicated new laws governing which businesses must offer health care, which employees must be offered coverage and who will qualify for subsidies, uncertainty adds to the fear.

Join Rea & Associates for a one-hour webinar on March 26 to learn more about health care reform’s impact on your businesses. You’ll learn:

  • The new rules defining the employer mandate that is part of health care reform.
    • How does the employer mandate fit into the rest of the law? Why are employees incentivized to get you in trouble with the mandate and the IRS?
  • How you can calculate if your business will be covered by the employer mandate.
    • What is an FTE? How many do you have? Are there planning techniques to help minimize them?
  • The calculations you will need to do to estimate the cost of complying with the mandate.
    • How to calculate affordability.
    • How to calculate minimum essential coverage.
    • How to calculate whether a particular worker is full time and during what time periods.
    • How to calculate fines that you may face.
  • Steps you can take now to limit your exposure.
    • Workforce efficiencies/reductions.
    • Hourly workforce planning.
    • Entity planning.
    • Measurement and stability period planning.

Risks are everywhere; how do you pick the safest path for your business?


This article was originally published in Illuminations: Facts & Figures from people with a brighter way, a Rea & Associates enewsletter, 2/27/2013.

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