Not Just Counting Beans

You interact with all kinds of professionals each day. But do you truly know the ins and outs of what each professional does each and every day? Some may say that accounting is not necessarily a glamorous job, but in truth it’s typically more interesting and varied than many people realize.

I have been reflective on the many services that professionals in the accounting and financial services industry provides to clients and thought I would share a list of “things that we do” that quickly come to mind. I am sure there are many more, but here we go.

Accounting Professionals Provide:

  1. Business planning services and analysis to all types of clients and businesses
  2. Tax preparation services
  3. Audits of financial statements
  4. Financial statement review engagements
  5. Compilations of financial statements
  6. Bookkeeping services
  7. Payroll services
  8. QuickBooks consulting
  9. Year-end tax planning
  10. Inventory observations
  11. Depreciation schedules
  12. Forensic accounting services
  13. Succession planning services
  14. Business valuation services
  15. Personal financial statements preparation
  16. Retirement planning
  17. Multi-state and local taxation matters
  18. Sales and use tax matters
  19. Financial planning – personal and corporate
  20. Creative solutions to your business and tax related issues

Phew – that’s a long list! But that’s not all. Accounting professionals also:

  1. Act as trusted advisors with privacy assured
  2. Listen well
  3. Try to think way outside the box
  4. Plan, plan and plan some more
  5. Work with clients to find ways to grow their businesses

As you can see by this list, being an accountant is not as mundane as some think. In our profession, we do many great things and enjoy helping people.