Inside Out: 2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report | Rea CPA Firm

Check out the 2021 Annual Report, “Inside Out,” to see how we focused on what changes we should make from the inside out to better serve our clients and communities and give our employees challenging and fulfilling experiences.

Inside Out: Rea & Associates’ 2021 Annual Report

Within the pages of the 2021 Annual Report, you will find the following special sections. Take a look and let us know what you think!

  • Letter From The CEO
  • Year In Review | A Closer Look At 2021 By The Numbers
  • Inside Out | Aligning Our Internal Strategies For External Impact
  • Famous People | Spotlighting The Accomplishments Of The Rea Team in 2021
  • Community Matters | Our Focus On Service In 2021
  • In Case You Missed It | Cyber Services Expansion, New Relationships, & Client Satisfaction
  • On The Horizon | Focus On All Things Information

Rea & Associates’ annual report highlights events that occurred over the course of the firm’s fiscal year, which begins on November 1, and ends on October 31.

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