episode 45 – don’t automate bad

Brian Harr | CRM | Ohio CPA Firm Podcast
CRM expert Brian Harr of Three30 Group joins Mark Van Benschoten on episode 45 of unsuitable on Rea Radio. Listen now!

In its simplest form, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps organizations automate their existing business development, sales and marketing processes. And on episode 45: “don’t automate bad” of unsuitable on Rea Radio, Brian Harr, president of Three30 Group, explains the benefits of CRM and how this tool can help facilitate strong business relationships while multiplying revenue.

When used properly and regularly, CRM is a powerful tool that helps businesses and organizations manage critical client and prospect data while tracking historical interactions. However, sound relationship management processes must already be in place before a CRM is added. Oftentimes, prior to CRM implementation, some organizations are encouraged to review their sales training protocols, create standard goals and objectives and define the key drivers and metrics by which to measure success.

Brian explains that CRM’s greatest advantage is its capability to bring all prospect documentation together and allowing organizations to gain a clear picture concerning bottlenecks and opportunities. It’s also important for businesses to position CRM technologies to its employees the right way – as a sales enhancement and productivity tool, not a tracking device.

CRM done right, Brian argues, leads to improved productivity, administrative savings, sales optimization, and greater profits. Collecting the right, relevant data, and customer interactions across all touchpoints (marketing, sales, customer service, and operations) is essential in unearthing business development insights, leading to enhanced rapport building and additional sales.

To be successful, your CRM must be easy to implement and accessible to all users. To this end, cloud-based annotation, dictation, scalability, and mobility, are helping to make CRM user input, easier. Beware of built-in CRM packages. Most programs found within ERP systems are usually not much more than a “glorified contact management classification.”

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