episode 41 – the hacked & the hacked nots

Joe Welker | Cybercrime | Ohio CPA Firm
Joe Welker joins Mark Van Benschoten to talk about the threat cybercriminals are placing on businesses and what employers should be doing to help keep their networks safe.

On episode 41, we learn that there are two types of companies – those that have been hacked and those about to be hacked. Joe “Captain Data” Welker, CISA, Rea & Associates’ IT Audit Manager, joins us once again to give us some valuable insight into current cyber hacking and internet threats and what we can do to keep ourselves, and our businesses, safe.

Lack of cybersecurity training has left companies nationwide vulnerable to the ever-growing and constantly changing threat of cybercrime. In particular, malware and ransomware are especially vicious threats. On this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, “The Hacked & Hacked Nots,” we learn why many companies are now incorporating third-party software to monitor and protect their firewalls to determine which sites are safe and which ones should be avoided and help quarantine black listed sites and ensure high-risk sites are always avoided.

Listeners will hear how professional hackers are now carefully researching individuals’ and companies’ digital pathways; and are paying attention to how frequently users visit particular sites and what they do while they are there. Then, the cybercriminal will fabricate imposter emails that are designed to entice the user to open an email or click on a link – compromising their entire network. It only takes one click of the mouse to effectively give hackers full access to user data and, if connected to a company’s network, so much more.

This is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Joe provides critical, real-world advice to help companies train and change the mindset and behavior of their employees in an effort to keep their data secure. Awareness, he argues, is the first critical step to curbing cyberattacks among your employees.

Additionally, on this episode of unsuitable, you will learn more about:

  • What some tech companies are doing to protect users against cyberattacks.
  • Why some countries – particularly those in Eastern Europe – are not in a hurry to crack down on cybercrime.
  • And what you can do to promote a behavioral change within your organization.


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