episode 38 – self-reliance: made in america

Kyle Stemple | Buy American | Ohio Accounting Podcast
Kyle Stemple, principal and director of manufacturing services at Rea & Associates talks about the value of “buying American” with host Mark Van Benschoten.

Long days, vacations, barbecues, baseball … what’s not to enjoy about summer?! It’s also the time of year when we celebrate what it means to pursue the American dream, which is rooted in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, for many, this dream materializes in entrepreneurship and, going a step further, buying American-made products as a way to support a strong domestic economy.

Today on unsuitable on Rea Radio, Kyle Stemple, CPA, CGMA principal and director of manufacturing services at Rea & Associates, talks about the value of “buying American,” and the direct impact consumers have on America’s marketplace and the quality, customer service and product support we receive from domestically-run businesses.

In the recent past, there were many legitimate reasons why a U.S. manufacturer might turn their sights abroad, including cost and labor issues. For many years American companies suffered from an insufficient labor source in certain areas of production, explained Kyle. Oftentimes, they were forced to look for a better, more dependable labor pool in foreign countries. Fortunately, the re-shoring of American manufacturing is returning, due to the increasing demand of better quality products.

Kyle paints the future of manufacturing in America as self-sufficient and self-reliant. Then, he argues, supply, demand and the free market will round out the economic influence. Even as more companies find their way back stateside, labor concerns continue to pose a threat. Kyle points to a legal citizen immigration process as a potential solution to the American workforce deficit, specific to manufacturing.

Due to our economy, tax structure, creative capitalism, and work ethic, America is clearly a global leader in innovation and technology, and there are a wide variety of tax incentives available for those business owners who invest here at home.

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