episode 33 – discover the hidden factory of lean business building

Lean Six Sigma - Ohio CPA Firm
Chris Liebtag, LSSBB, PMP, joins Mark on episode 33 of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about how businesses can impact the bottom line with Lean Six Sigma.

Thanks to the manufacturing industry, many of us are familiar with Lean Six Sigma. But did you know that the basic concepts behind this practice can be applied to any other industry you can think of? Information technology, healthcare, professional services, not-for-profit … the list goes on and on. This week, on episode 33, Chris Liebtag, PMP, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Gold Practitioner, joins Mark to discuss how Lean Six Sigma can be successfully applied to the “back office” settings of many other businesses. He notes that the discipline is particularly effective when metrics are compiled and used to confront a myriad of business challenges such as response times, deliverables and even invoice efficiencies.

Even though the Lean Six Sigma terminology tends to favor manufacturing, the theories, concepts and principles transcend all industries because understanding and driving client value is tenant of the discipline that applies to all business, enterprise or industry. Specifically, Chris points to the parallel between client value and patient-centric care in the healthcare industry, delineating key attributes such as, professional interaction, minimal wait time and environmental organization for medical professionals’ increased efficiency – which cumulatively work to add value to the patient experience. The episode points to the importance of quality through consistency, thereby reducing variations of outcomes, while moving the organization’s focus of quality of all operations, toward the front of their processes, versus the end.

The higher the quality you start with, the greater the quality product or service you will ultimately produce. Chris argues that Lean Six Sigma has a direct effect on cash flow, therefore the more business leaders can reduce cycle time, the faster the return of invested resources.

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