Episode 261: Government Updates: New Merger & Considerations For Clients

Zac Morris & Ken Richards | Government Updates | Ohio Business Podcast

Meet Zac

As the director of government services at Rea, Zac Morris is responsible for the review and supervision of government and not-for-profit clients. He is also active in the segment's business development initiatives. Areas of expertise that he can talk about in his sleep include government auditing standards, GAAP, OMB Circular A-133/Uniform administrative requirement cost principles for federal awards, government finance, and others. Learn more about Zac.

Meet Ken

Ken Richards recently joined Rea with the KCR merger. In this new role as principal on Rea's government services team, Ken is responsible for business development, training, and providing audit and consulting services to state and local governments. Ken is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of government auditing standards, uniform guidance, internal controls, governmental accounting, and more. Learn more about Ken.

Zac Morris & Ken Richards Podcast Interview | Government Insight | Ohio Business Podcast

What Should You Do To Prepare For Government Spending In 2021?

COVID-19 continues to make major impacts, especially in government funding. 

So we sat down with Zac Morris, Principal and Director of Government Services Practice at Rea & Associates, and Ken Richards, Principal at Rea & Associates, to talk about the latest and greatest in government funding and our most recent merger with Kennedy Cottrell Richards (KCR).

What You’ll Hear

  • What should businesses be prepared for when it comes to government spending in 2021?
  • The long-term effects of 2020’s reduced tax payments
  • What we can learn from The Great Recession

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