Episode 252: What’s Ahead For The Agricultural Industry? – Rea CPA

Episode 252: What’s Ahead For The Agricultural Industry?

Meet Brian

Brian Kempf, CPA, a principal in Rea's Millersburg office specializes in federal, state, and local taxes, as well as sales and use tax issues. He works with clients to develop tax planning strategies for the future. Brian is also responsible for managing the office's tax department and for keeping everyone up to date on new and developing tax laws, particularly in the agribusiness area. 

The Future Of Farming

Industries continue to work towards pre-COVID conditions, and now that we are weathering through this storm we can’t help but look ahead.

Brian Kempf, principal at Rea & Associates, shares his experience in the agricultural industry, the current economic impacts, what the industry may look like in the future, and the estate planning and tax considerations you should look at before the election.

What You’ll Hear

  • The current state of the agriculture industry
  • Why we’re seeing an increase in small farms
  • What the agriculture industry will look like in 10 years

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