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episode 25: the advisory advantage

Dave Cain on unsuitable - the advisory advantage - Ohio CPA Firm
On episode 25: the advisory advantage: a left-handed fireball pitcher for your business, Dave Cain advises business owners about the benefit of having an advisory team. Start listening now.

Looking for your business’s secret weapon? You’ll find it in a solid business advisory team. This week on unsuitable on Rea Radio, Dave Cain joins Mark again to talk about how a strong advisory team, alongside a solid cash flow strategy, can help you achieve the business growth you’re looking for.

On episode 25: the advisory advantage: a left-handed fireball pitcher for your business, Dave advises business owners on how to select the best advisory team for their business, taking care to consider their expertise and resources. He also stresses the importance of using power questions to keep members of your advisory team focused on high-impact business strategies rather than tactics.

Listeners will hear real-world stories of effective advisory teams as well as C-level evaluations to help you optimize business growth and efficiency.

This podcast will help you find answers to some of the most critical questions business owners face today, including:

  • Who should you recruit to join your advisory team?
  • What are action plans and why are they important?
  • How can a business owner promote accountability?
  • How often should the business advisory team meet?
  • And more …

Your business advisory team will help you sort through the noise and help facilitate the crucial conversations that will ultimately lead to continuous improvement that acts as a catalyst for change. Start listening now!

Like what you’ve heard? Want to learn more? We have more resources for business owners available at http://www.reacpa.com/podcast Check it out now!

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