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Episode 215: Employee Benefit Health Plan Opportunities For Smart Businesses

Dean Stitz, a graduate of The Ohio State University, joined McGohan Brabender in Dublin as a consultant in 2017. The healthcare brokerage firm specializes in helping clients activate and communicate effective benefits strategy by targeting claims drivers and engaging employees. 

The quality of the American healthcare system continues to be an explosive topic. But instead of standing idly by until something is done to make the current system better, smart businesses are taking steps to help ease the pain their employees are feeling today.

Some employers have started looking for new ways to take care of their workforce and they are doing so by taking a look at new employee benefit health plan strategies. They are finding that taking an interest in employee healthcare isn’t only great for the men and women their company employs, it can have an extraordinary impact on their bottom lines.

From improving recruiting and retention to accumulating fewer sick days and maintaining a motivated workforce, Dean Stitz, a consultant with McGohan Brabender, explains the benefits for businesses when they execute an employee benefit health plan. 

Dean, who has seen the challenges that businesses are facing first-hand, works with companies to reveal employee benefit health plan opportunities they may not even be aware of.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • How to implement an organization’s health plan strategy to maximize results.
  • More about the different health plan options already available to employers.
  • Which options work better for small- to medium-sized businesses versus large businesses.

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