episode 195 – risky business

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Joe Urquhart, CPCU, CRIS, vice president of Overmyer Hall Associates joins Doug to talk about four risks business owners should be aware of to protect and grow their companies.

want to limit risk in your business?

Are you wondering how to create a business that’s better, faster and stronger than the competition? 

Joe Urquhart – who is vice president of Overmyer Hall Associates, a chartered property casualty underwriter, and a construction risk insurance specialist – says the answer’s pretty simple: just limit your company’s exposure to risky situations. On this episode of unsuitable, Joe will zero in on four business faux pas you should correct immediately if your goal is to build a better business.

top four business faux pas

Overmyer Hall Associates receive a lot of claims, but there are four claim areas that are increasingly affecting a lot of businesses’ bottom lines:

  • Cyber liability
  • Distracted driving and/or distracted workers
  • Employment practice liability
  • Construction contracts and risk transfer

If you are a business owner who is trying to build a better business, you will want to know more about:

  • Cyber liability doesn’t just affect big businesses – it affects small organizations, too!
  • What you need to know about employment practice liability (think: the #MeToo movement) 
  • The changing risk landscape in construction

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