episode 193 – the value of a cpa – Rea CPA

episode 193 – the value of a cpa

Mark Van Benschoten, CPA, CFO of Roush Honda and former Rea employee and podcast host, joins Dave on this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to discuss the value of the CPA credential, the automotive industry and … the value of a podcast.

CPAs For Days

The CPA (certified public accountant) credential is recognized as one of the most trusted business and financial consulting credentials available. Obviously, as a CPA firm, we see the value this credential brings to the business community every day. But we also know that not all CPAs practice as part of a firm. In fact, businesses will often seek out CPAs to join their teams full-time – which just so happens to be the case for today’s guest.

Long-time listeners will also recognize our guest, Mark Van Benschoten, because he was the inaugural host of unsuitable on Rea Radio! Mark left Rea a few years ago to accept the chief financial officer (CFO) position at Roush Honda, where his CPA credential continues to drive value. Mark brings us down memory lane a little bit, shares his perspective on the overall value a CPA brings to the business community, and gives a little perspective on what’s going on in the auto industry.

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You may wonder why a business might want its own in-house CPA, especially when it’s so convenient and relatively affordable to outsource things like payroll or SALT compliance. But many industries have their own complex set of factors, financially and people-driven, that affect business outcomes. So when potential problems, such as increasing tariffs or the rise of autonomous vehicles occur, companies like Roush are happy to have an expert like Mark on the roster who can help them adapt and pivot before changes in the industry impact the bottom line.

If you are a CPA or a business owner, or if you just happen to be a car nerd, you’ll want to listen to this episode to hear:

  • How the CPA credential adds value to business community.
  • What’s going on with tariffs and the auto industry?
  • About the success Roush has had with it’s employee stock ownership (ESOP).

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