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Kathy Lamonica | SALT Podcast | Rea & Associates

Kathy LaMonica is a senior manager on Rea’s state and local tax team. She specializes in complicated multi-state corporate sales and use tax compliance, consulting and technology solutions. She serves clients from the firm’s Cleveland office.

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From word processing to filing taxes, there’s a software solution for everything these days. As society continues to change and legislation alters the way business is done, there are people who are hard at work developing programs to address these changes. Take South Dakota v. Wayfair, for example. Overnight, the way companies calculated and paid taxes in the various states they do business changed. Fortunately, tech solutions were immediately available to make the changes a little more tolerable. 

Kathy LaMonica, a senior manager and technology consultant on Rea’s state and local tax team, joins Dave Cain on unsuitable to talk about the various tech solutions available and how they can save businesses from costly fines and penalties now that Wayfair is the law of the land. 

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easing compliance burdens & audit risks

Using new software and automation can significantly simplify the filing process – and a streamlined process frees up your time to focus on tax planning and savings strategies. Leveraging software and process improvements can also assist with audit proofing a business, or at least help you get a handle on sales tax issues before an auditor knocks at the door.

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If your business operates or sells in multiple states, listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why you can’t just wait and see if a state your operate in knocks at your door. Instead, you need to be proactive about tracking your out-of-state sales or you are at risk.
  • How software can simplify the tax calculation (both what is taxable and what rate should be charged).
  • What software you might want to use in your business.

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Click here to read the official transcript for episode 191 on unsuitable on Rea Radio, “salt software simplicity,” featuring Kathy LaMonica, a leader on Rea’s state and local tax team.

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