episode 187 – what are you walking into?

Wayne Burley (right) demonstrates a self defense tactic on unsuitable on Rea Radio‘s producer, Brad Circone.

The workplace can be a dangerous place, and without the right training, education, policies, and procedures in place, you could be looking at workplace injuries, citations, and fines. Luckily, our guest is well-versed when it comes to protecting companies and people.

From ensuring that common safety compliance measures have been implemented and managed to teaching employees the Combat Objective Battle Ready Applications self-defense system for personal protection in the workplace, Wayne Burley does it all. A trainer with MHS WorkSafe, Wayne brings more than 20 years of HR and work safety experience to his role, as well as 36 years of experience in defensive tactics instruction. This guy means business, and on this episode of unsuitable, he’s going to talk about what organizations can do to protect both employers and their employees.

A Little Pain Now Vs. A LOT of Pain Later

Some employers and employees lament the “pain” of putting in place new policies, procedures, and training to ensure work safety and OSHA compliance. However, Wayne assures us that this much less than the pain that will follow if the client has an OSHA visit resulting in citations.

If you are have any employees or you are an employee, you will be interested in these other topics discussed in this episode:

  • What OSHA is and how they manage the workplace.
  • The cost of hesitation.
  • Creating plans for active shooter response and other emergencies within your organization.


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