episode 183 – growing up millennial – Rea CPA

episode 183 – growing up millennial

Alex Bixler & Derek Mohr, two millennial minds, join unsuitable on Rea Radio to discuss their journey from students to professionals and their experience in Rea’s internship program.

Competition for top talent continues to be fierce across the board, which means more companies are developing strategies to attract and recruit potential job prospects earlier. For many, internships have become much more than a glimpse into a company or a chosen profession. Today, internships are necessary first steps in the journey of a young professional’s career within a company.

On this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio, we are fortunate to have two young professionals on the mic, Alex Bixler & Derek Mohr. Alex and Derek are here to talk about their own unique career paths and the role their internship experience played in setting them up for success. Then, we are going to put the two on the spot and ask them speak on behalf of all millennials when it comes to identifying what this generation is looking for when searching for – or staying at – a job.

Trust us – business owners everywhere want to know the answers to this question.

Why Creating an Internship Program is a Win-Win

Derek and Alex both started their careers at Rea as interns, while they were attending THE Ohio State University. They didn’t receive college credit, but it was paid – and Alex says that the experience outweighed the credit he would have received. But Rea benefits just as much from having these talented interns, if not more, and other businesses should consider the value of creating a similar program and/or partnering with local universities. It’s one of the best ways to bridge the talent gap by creating relationships with the soon-to-be young professionals who you really want to be part of the future of your organization.

If you are a business owner, a young professional struggling to find the right job, or a student who’s not sure how to enter the working world, you will be interested in these other topics discussed in this episode:

  • What’s important to millennials when they’re looking for a job (or considering whether to stay at a job).
  • Going from student to young professional.
  • Learning to embrace your role within an organization.

**Check out Rea’s Internship Program for more information and how to apply**


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