episode 165 – pay your business’s tax bill with bitcoin

Cryptocurrency rockstar, Melane Howell, is with Dave on unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about the volatile market and the future uses of Bitcoin in everyday life.

As we embark on the 2019 tax season, Ohio is set to become a case study in the area of using Bitcoin to settle your business’s tax bill.

Here to talk us through what this change means for businesses throughout the state and how one would actually go about making a tax payment with cryptocurrency is Melane Howell, an expert in the area of cryptocurrency.

Breaking Bitcoin News

Just in time to celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, Ohio will now be accepting Bitcoin payments for business taxes – the first U.S. state to allow this. Businesses can pay 23 different types of taxes through OhioCrypto.com, the state’s Cryptocurrency Tax Payment Portal. Note that this option is currently only available for businesses, not individuals, but that may change in the future.

If you are a business owner in Ohio or another state looking to pass a similar law, or you’re just keeping tabs on cryptocurrency, you will be interested in these other topics discussed in this episode:

  • Bitcoin and the volatile market.
  • The potential benefits of paying taxes using Bitcoin.
  • Other ways you’ll likely be able to spend cryptocurrency in the coming months or years.

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