episode 153 – To Hell With The Numbers, Let’s Talk Content

Abbey Kanellakis, is with Dave on unsuitable to talk all things content!

If you are listening to this show or reading this blog, then I’m willing to bet that you already know a little bit about Rea, and you might have already checked out some of our articles and videos to learn a little bit more about the topics we’ve covered. While it might not sound like a lot at first, when you sit and think about it, it’s pretty cool that one podcast has done so much – especially when you think about how it has helped tie together our other marketing efforts.

Thousands of companies and nonprofits are turning to content strategies to get the word out about their organizations, and in this episode, Abbey is going to explain what exactly that means and how businesses, nonprofits, and even individuals can use this strategy effectively.

Content Marketing 101

We all know that marketing is important, and we all want other people to know about our businesses or brands – but we can’t just shove our business down other peoples’ throats through advertising and expect people to really know who we are. However, by creating and sharing valuable content, we can authentically tell our stories get our brand into the minds and hearts of others, while saving some money to boot!

If you want to spread the word about your business or brand, you will be interested in these other topics discussed in this episode:

  • What businesses can benefit from content marketing
  • How you can build credibility
  • Why substance matters (and the loudest person in the room doesn’t always get all the attention)

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official transcript

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