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Episode 1: Why $1 Million Doesn’t Matter

Dave Cain: Why $1 Million Doesn't MatterDave Cain – our go-to cash flow guy — explains why your cash flow is more important to your success than your bottom line.

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Having Trouble Calculating Your Cash Flow?

Having adequate cash flow is essential to keep your business running. Click here to access our cash flow calculator, which will help you determine the cash flow generated by your business.

Do you have more calculating to do? Click here to access our full list of finance calculators.

Want to learn more about cash flow? You may find these articles to be helpful!

5 Reasons Why Managing A Solid Cash Flow Is Just Good Business Sense

Managing your cash flow now will help minimize mistakes later – when business and economic trends become more favorable. Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons to consider maintaining your company’s cash flow projection.

Find Success In A Solid Cash Flow

Not only is your cash flow a powerful management and accountability tool, it’s your business’s lifeline. So this year, as you seek to protect your business’s liquidity and future growth, make the management of your business’s cash flow your priority.

Drive Internal Cash Flow And Improve Profitability

The most important number you should know in your business is your cash flow from operations. But that number is not on your balance sheet. It’s not on your income statement. It’s buried on your cash flow statement. Having cash flow from operations and taking steps to maximize it is the key to running a healthy business.

How Can My Statement of Cash Flows Transform My Business?

Have you ever asked yourself or your financial advisor, “If we have a profit, then why don’t we have any cash?” If you have, then the statement of cash flows is for you! This statement shows where cash came from and where it went for the year and is divided into three sections.

How Can Contractors Ensure They Have Sufficient Cash Flow?

What you may not realize is that paying taxes isn’t the end of the world. Whether we like it or not, the amount of tax paid is sometimes seen as a “measure of success.” Successful businesses pay taxes. To accumulate cash in your bank account, taxes must be paid. When cash increases, working capital does as well.

Cash Flow is King: Where Do You Need To Focus?

A healthy business generates money for the operations of the business.  Check out a few areas to focus on when looking to improve your business’s cash flow.

QuickBooks Tips For Managing Cash Flow?

Cash flow management is a struggle for many small businesses.  Unlike revenue, cash flow isn’t easy to quantify or pin down.  It’s up and down and moves around.  But, most small businesses that fail do so because of a lack of cash flow… not revenue or profits.

Should You Maximize Cash Flow Or Minimize Income Taxes?

The time to buy equipment is when the investment in the equipment will produce enough new revenue to warrant the purchase. If it will not produce new revenue, is it necessary to protect the current revenue stream?

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Episode 1: Why $1 Million Doesn’t Matter