Drive Veterinary Practice Growth With The Right Advisors

Medicine is only a part of the job when you’re a veterinarian who owns your own practice. Even so, we find that the financial side of operations is being largely ignored or forgotten about. Unfortunately, when this happens, veterinary practice professionals tend to miss out on substantial revenue and additional success. This is where a CPA can have a huge impact and can help you take advantage of the financial side of your practice.

This episode of The State of Business podcast, published by the The Ohio Society of CPAs, features Mary Beth Koester explaining how CPAs can play a more active role in veterinarian’s practice ownership to achieve greater growth and success.

Make sure to listen this great podcast online to learn more about the role of the CPA in the veterinary profession and how to maximize practice ownership value, including:

  • First-hand CPA experience working with veterinarians.
  • An in-depth overview of the financial side of running a veterinary practice.
  • How CPAs and veterinarians can maximize their relationships to grow the value of their practices.

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