Cyber Chat | Security Awareness

This chat is with Ty Whittenburg and his guest, Lisa Thiergartner. They discuss Security Awareness and how Lisa became passionate about her profession. She begins by discussing her thought processes now after being educated on hackers and the new lengths she goes to to avoid these threats. Ty speaks about the Security Culture Playbook by Kai Roer and Perry Carpenter and how it is important to understand. Email compromise has at an all time high of the cyber scams. 

Lisa shares about the situations she is involved in for her position regarding cyber security – and how she does this with the most efficient impact. As well as security culture and how it is related to CMMC – how will you measure it? Security culture needs to be ingrained into your business. How is your company helping you manage your own personal security as well. They share the vital aspect of resiliency and how to encourage your company’s people to care about the security of the cyber world.