Cyber Chat | Digital Executive Protection

Cyber Chat | Digital Executive Protection

On May 23, Ty Whittenburg, senior information assurance manager on Rea’s Information Services team, sat down with Todd Adams, account executive with BLACKCLOAK, to talk about digital executive protection in our latest episode of Cyber Chats. Todd is an account executive at BlackCloak, a concierge cybersecurity & privacy platform that helps protect users’ online privacy, personal devices, and home networks.

What is digital executive protection, and why does it matter? Consider this: We spend eight, nine, sometimes 12 hours per day in the workplace. And (hopefully) our organizations are going to great lengths to protect us from cybercrime. But cybercriminals don’t clock out when you leave the office to head home. What happens when we got home and log on to our network there? Not only could your own personal finances, reputation, and identity be at risk, but the information that cyber criminals gain from your private network could be used to attack your network at work, too.

If you’re an executive, bad actors are after you – they want your elevated access, influence, power, and your money. Have you thought about what you’re doing to protect yourself and your company within the walls of your home?

Watch this conversation to learn more about the risks you face when you and your family log onto your network – and what you can do to mitigate that risk.

By Ty Whittenburg, CMMC-RP (Columbus CPA Firm)