Cyber Chat | CMMC 2.0 Update

Ty Whittenburg and RMC Research Corporation’s, Tim Golden provide an update on the “Strengthening American Cyber Security Act of 2022”. This act is to create one location where businesses can go to report Cyber Security cases and to receive help. This will have significant impact on your small, medium, or large sized business that supports the DOD or Executive branch.

Breach notification has become highest priority for every organization. Tim goes into a window on ransomware and notifying the correct people to help in those situations. Without good data all businesses cannot make good risk decisions. Tim specifies the three main pillars of security being “Protect, Defend, Mitigate.”

Ty and Tim discuss that 72 hours has become a linchpin time window of informing DC3 of the situation at hand at the options related. Also, they discuss the security of physical office locations and the threat “working from anywhere” poses. As well as the importance of VPN and the security involved.

Watch this conversation to learn more about the Strengthening American Cyber Security Act of 2022 and what that means for your company.